International Inheritance

International inheritance is the term used for inheritance issues involving some overseas element, such as cases of wills or inheritances where for example a foreigner dies in Japan, a beneficiary lives overseas, assets are located overseas, or assets of someone living overseas are located in Japan. It is also called cross-border inheritance.
International inheritance issues are increasing as the number of Japanese living abroad as a result of educational exchange, employment stationing, or marriage, and the number of foreigners living in Japan, and those with assets in multiple countries grows.
In resolving international inheritances, specialist knowledge is called for that differs from domestic cases, for example, in which country can court proceedings be taken Japan or overseas ? Or, which countries laws shall apply ?
Further, depending on the details of these issues the need may arise to progress proceedings in co-operation with an overseas attorney.

What Sets Us Apart
The following are what distinguishes our office.
1 More than 10 years experience and legal dispute resolution experience spanning dozens of countries.
2 English and Korean speaking attorneys qualified under Japanese law.
3 In addition to co-operative relationships with US, Australian and Korean legal offices, with our global network of legal offices that handle international inheritance issues, you can obtain Japan-related advice on international inheritance issues in English or Korean.
4 In order to resolve international inheritance issues, action may be necessary in local courts etc. by not only Japanese but also foreign attorneys. We have forged co-operative relationships with legal offices on the US East Coast (New York), US West Coast (San Francisco),  in Australia (Sydney) and in Korea (Seoul), with attorneys that possess a deep understanding of Japanese and Japan.
5 While based in Japan we can take appropriate legal measures on site overseas (without the need to reissue instructions to on site attorneys overseas, or repeat case particulars)
6 Even in those cases where proceedings must be undertaken on site overseas, you can obtain support in Japanese, English or Korean.
7 We can directly contact Japanese or local overseas attorneys in Japanese, English or Korean, and obtain responses in these languages.

For regions other than those listed above, proceedings are in English, however, in those cases also we provide support to the extent required.

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